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Shelly Shultz Symposium will be held on Monday, Sept. 18, 2017 at UC San Diego.

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Current Program


Session I- Spins


  • “Shelly’s Surface Studies in Physics and in Life.”-Lu J. Sham-UCSD
  • “Spinning as the World Turns-Discovery and Engagement”- Dan Pinkel-UCSF
  • “Shelly’s magnetism”-Saul Oseroff-SDSU

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

Session II-Discoveries


  • “Shelly warned me not to do it – so I did”- Don Eigler- “The Wetnose Institute For Advanced Pelagic Studies.”
  • “Metamaterials:A UCSD Discovery that Produced Revolutionary Science and Disruptive Technologies”-David Smith-DU

12:00-2:00- Lunch and informal visits to labs

Session III-Unexpected


  • “Shelly: Self, Science and Science Fiction”-Gregory Benford-UCI
  • “Shelly and the superconductors that fell out of the sky”-Ivan K. Schuller-UCSD

3:00-3:30 Coffee Break

Session IV-Art and Applications


  • “Shelly at the Met and Other Stories.”-Harold Weinstock-AFOSR
  • “Shelly and the success of CMRR”-Eric Fullerton-UCSD

Session V-Memories


  • “Some recollections of Shelly Schultz and the beginning of UCSD”-M. Brian Maple
  • “Shelly and family”-David Schultz
  • Others